St. Mary’s Island Residents’ Association Meeting

The next SMIRA meeting takes place on Monday 25th April 2022 from 8 pm to 9.30 pm at St. Mary’s Island Community Centre; residents can also join via zoom.

The current agenda is as follows and all details will be posted on SMIRA’s website. 

  • Introductions
  • Apologies for Absence
  • Minutes of Last Meeting
  • Stakeholder Q&A – CMT
  • Stakeholder Q&A – Medway Council
  • Stakeholder Q&A – PCSO Angela Saunders
  • Stakeholder Q&A – Maritime Health Partnership
  • Any Other Business

If you have questions for any of the Stakeholders, please send them to  by 6pm on Monday 18 April 2022 in order for them to be forwarded to the relevant parties, and provide them with time to have answers ready for the Residents’ meeting.

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