May 2022 – Report from PCSO

Hello everyone,

A short report this month.

There have been a couple of reports of abandoned vehicles parked on the Island this month. On both occasions the owners have been spoken to and the issues rectified. Please remember that if your vehicle is declared SORN, it has to be parked off of the road. Any vehicles parked without tax can be reported to DVLA and this may result in them being clamped. Before reporting vehicles as abandoned, you can check online at the DVLA website and this will identify if the vehicle is taxed and MOT’d.

Speedwatch have conducted a couple of sessions on the bridge this month.  The speed limit all around the Island is 30mph. 44 vehicles have been reported to be driving over 35mph across the bridge during the two sessions, this is really disappointing especially as the sessions have been early morning and there are many children around on the way to school.


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