Changes to the Lower Thames Crossing – Have your say

Have your say about the changes that have been made to the proposed Lower Thames Crossing, a new road connecting Kent, Thurrock and Essex through a tunnel beneath the River Thames.

At the end of 2018 people shared their views on the proposals and as a consequence of the feedback received there are a number of design changes.  This is an opportunity to view and comment on these changes which include:

  • M2/A2, including the junction with the Lower Thames Crossing.  There is now more of a direct connection between Gravesend and the M2/A2 eastbound and they have redesigned the Gravesend East junction and link roads to improve journey times.
  • Southern tunnel entrance.  This has been moved 350 metres to reduce the impact on the Thames Estuary and Marshes Ramsar site.
  • Removal of the rest and service area and Tilbury junction.  The rest and service area is not progressing and the maintenance depot has been relocated to existing Highways England facilities with means the junction at Tilbury is no longer required.
  • A13/A1089 junction.  The route between Tilbury and the A13 junction has been moved 60 metres north-east to avoid the need for major overhead cable diversion works.  Some slip roads at the junction between Lower Thames Crossing, A13, A1089 and A1013 have been redesigned to reduce visual impact, move roads away from properties and improve safety and connectivity at junctions.
  • Number of lanes southbound between M25 and A13 junctions.  One lane southbound has been removed to reduce the routes impact.
  • M25 junction.  The southbound link from M25 to Lower Thames Crossing has been redesigned to avoid demolition and reconstruction of existing Ockendon Road bridge over M25.
  • Structures.  The structures over the Mardyke River, Golden Bridge Sewer and Orsett Fen Sewer have been changed to reduce visual impact and the volume of flood compensation needed.  The route has  been moved approx. 200 metres south-west to reduce work required to move an existing gas main.  It also reduces impact on a nearby landfill site.

To have your say go to Lower Thames Crossing Consultation 2020.   The consultation ends at 23.59 on Wednesday 25th March.

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