St. Mary’s Island Speed Watch Campaign

St. Mary’s Island residents have restarted the Speed Watch with Kent Police and will be out and about carrying out speed watch checks.  The first session was conducted on the evening of Monday 2nd July at 17.30 hours onto the Island on HMS Chatham Bridge.  The owners of vehicles that are caught repeatedly speeding or have been recorded at more than 50% over the limit are sent a letter of advice.

Speed watch schemes help community volunteers reduce excessive speeds on local roads.  Operating at the roadside at 20mph, 30mph and 40mph areas, volunteers monitor speeds using a speed indication device (SID).  The scheme aims to:

  • increase driver’s perception of the risks from speeding and encourage them to slow down
  • reduce collisions and the severity of injuries on local roads
  • improve the quality of life for local communities

Speed watch activity never directly leads to prosecutions or penalties.  The letters of advice are sent to registered owners of vehicles and officers may visit the registered owner’s address in the case of repeat offenders.  The details recorded will be used to inform speed enforcement campaigns, educational opportunities and other road safety initiatives in the future.

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