SMIRA Update

Don’t forget SMIRA’s next formal meeting takes place on Monday 7th September; all are welcome to attend.  Details of how to join the zoom session can be found on SMIRA’s website. 

Participants to that meeting include Medway Council, CMT, Dr Julian Spinks from Medway Practice Alliance and CEO Malcolm Benson who will be answering questions about  St. Mary’s Doctor’s Surgery following the termination of the contract with DMC.

SMIRA’s AGM will take place on the 23rd November at 7.30 pm.  SMIRA are asking that all existing members ensure that they are registered on their website as links will be sent out for voting online and there will be no paper votes this year.

Under the current Articles rules, only SMIRA full members are eligible to vote on the proposed changes to the Articles of Association.  Important questions SMI residents should consider so that the rules can be updated, e.g. who should be eligible to become a SMIRA member (currently only one person per household, homeowners only or tenants with a minimum 5 year lease), should anyone over 18 be eligible to vote if they are a SMIRA member, should non-resident home owners be allowed to vote?

SMIRA encourages all residents to register on their website either as a full member of an associate member.

SMIRA is looking for new Directors for next year.  The position of  Treasurer is available; this is an honorary position and does not require the Treasurer to also be a Director of the Board.  If you are interested in representing your community then contact SMIRA using this form.

SMI residents can join the Facebook Group to keep up-to-date on news.  You will have to answer some questions to ensure that the group is made up of residents only and once completed your request can quickly be approved.  The primary objective of the group is to promote the work of SMIRA and provide friendly, factual and helpful community information about life and events on and around St. Mary’s Island.


SMIRA – One Island, One Community, One Voice

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