Proposals for new buildings South of Basin

Chatham Maritime Trust has submitted planning applications for two new single storey buildings, south of basin, to Medway Council.  The proposed water sports activity centre building on the south side of Basin 2 will provide a classroom and changing rooms for the water based activities in Basin 2.  The proposed estate office for the Trust will be sited on the side of Basin 1, overlooking some of the historic ships.

Full plans can be viewed on Medway Council’s planning portal.    The reference for the watersports activity centre is MC/18/1521 and for the Estate Office is MC/18/1520.

The proposal will not reduce the overall number of designated car parking spaces in the area, some new car parking spaces will be provided to replace those lost.  Further spaces and a drop off zone will be provided for the water activity centre.

Residents will be reassured to know that none of the costs of the proposed new buildings are coming out of their rentcharge.

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