NHS Changes – New Local Strategy

Changes are taking place in the NHS.

Clinical Commissioning Group areas have now changed into Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) within which Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) operate on a ‘local’ level with the aim of delivering services tailored to the needs of communities that fall within their smaller geographical areas.

In Kent and Medway, we now have one Kent and Medway ICS which is an amalgamation of 8 CCGs. Within this there are 4 ICPs.  Servicing Medway is the Medway and Swale ICP.

The Medway and Swale ICP is utilising a model called Population Health Management. This model takes a holistic view of health and recognises that the wider determinants of health have an impact on whether someone lives a long and healthy life or not. For this reason this model works at tackling these wider determinants of health.  The new Director of Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) Delivery – Medway and Swale ICP is Nikki Teesdale.

More information on the strategy behind Population Health Management can be found here.

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