Dementia Cafe at Atlas Place

Dementia Café will be held in the Coffee Lounge at Atlas Place (Wilkey Way, opposite St. Mary’s Island School) on the third Wednesday of the month from 1 pm to 3 pm on the following dates:

19th February / 18th March / 15th April / 20th May / 17th June / 15th July / 19th August / 16th September / 21st October / 18th November and 16th December.

Who can come to the café? Anyone who has been diagnosed with Dementia or is currently caring for someone with Dementia may attend. Family and friends are also welcome.

What can we expect? A safe and supportive place for you to discuss your own Dementia diagnosis, or someone else’s, and think about what this means for the future. Get answers from health professionals and meet and learn from other people in similar situations.

Note: The café is not suitable for anyone to attend on their own if they have personal care needs or require a secure environment.

Parking available, please ring Jane Wiggins on 07703 468693 for details.


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