Update from St. Mary’s Island Residents’ Association (SMIRA)

Following the Residents Open Meeting on the 16th February regarding possible controlled parking scheme on St. Mary’s Island, Allan Sneller and David Taylor from SMIRA had a follow-up meeting with Medway Council on Friday 16th March.  The Council representatives had by then had the opportunity to take on board the points raised by residents at the open meeting and also, as requested, met with St. Mary’s Island School.

Due to the inclement weather on the 27th February the SMIRA meeting scheduled for that evening had to be cancelled  but in order to discuss some pressing issues SMIRA have called an ‘interim’ meeting tomorrow evening, Tuesday 20th March  at 7 pm to provide an update on:  Parking Permit Update / Surgery Update and Arethusa will be giving a presentation.  No other topics or business will be discussed until the next scheduled SMIRA meeting on the 10th April.

Allan Sneller and David Taylor have been in regular contact with those dealing with the parking permit and Surgery issues and will provide an updated statement at the meeting on Tuesday 20th March.  These issues are of course important to residents but SMIRA are concerned that the attendance at the meeting will vastly exceed the capacity of the Community Centre meeting room and have therefore decided to place these updates on social media.  At the meeting tomorrow evening the updates will be read out for the benefit of those residents that may not have access to social media; any debate will be limited as there is no more detailed information available at this stage.

SMIRA have today received the following information on the consultation process for the parking permit issue:

  • when the ‘formal’ public consultation commences drawings will be uploaded to the Council website so all can view.  The website will also contain a document answering frequently asked questions and giving responses to questions received to-date.
  • the period for ‘formal’ public consultation will be 21 days.
  • all residents will receive a letter stating when the ‘formal’ public consultation period will commence and details of the website.  This ‘formal’ consultation will be the period in which all residents have an opportunity to comment with support as well as any objections on the proposals put forward.
  • following the ‘formal’ public consultation, all results will be analysed.
  • once a decision is taken all residents will be kept informed of the next steps in the process.  If a scheme is installed the scheme will be regularly monitored.

As soon as SMIRA receive a statement regarding the Surgery they will put it on social media.

SMIRA’s Chairman, David Taylor, said “Allan and I hope you will understand that we are doing our best, through the conduit of SMIRA, to keep residents informed as best we can and in a timely manner.”

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