Statement re Doctor’s Surgery

SMIRA provided an update on the Doctor’s Surgery at their interim meeting on the 20th March.  The statement is as follows:

  • DMC Ltd, in partnership with Medway NHS CCG has been managing the Surgery since the departure of Dr Lawrence
  • Effective 1st April 2018 DMC Ltd has the temporary contract for managing the surgery until the public procurement process is completed later this financial year.
  • The Surgery hours are now 8.30 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday until further notice
  • The Surgery is registering new patients now
  • The Surgery intends to host an ‘Open Day’ to introduce residents to the new staff
  • The intention is to establish a Patient’s Participation Group (PPG) after 1st April.  It will be run by patients along similar lines to a school PTA.
  • After 1st April the Surgery will have it own Facebook Page and a full-time admin person to manage its IT
  • From 1st April there will be a permanent male GP, + Dr (Ms) Edwards + another female GP 1 day/week + permanent female prescribing pharmacist + female nurse 3 days/week + Val (the existing HCA) the other 2 mornings + a full complement of admin and reception staff, including a Practice Manager and a Practice IT administrator.   In addition, there is an extra nurse and GP going through the backlogs.
  • All patients with long-term medical conditions are being asked to attend for a full medical check-up within the next few months in order that records can be updated.  From April, there will be Saturday Nurse Clinics for those patients unable to attend for these checks during the week.   These include long-term conditions such as asthma, COPD, diabetes etc.
  • The new nurse has 20+ years experience and can administer immunisations, blood tests, diabetic requirements, cervical smears, COPD and travel advise/jabs.
  • Pre-bookable appointments are available now a month in advance.
  • The DMC team appreciate the forbearance and patience shown by patients during this transition period and are grateful for the flowers and cards delivered by residents.

David Taylor, Chair of SMIRA, wishes to express his thanks and appreciation to both Sara Hitchin, Interim Surgery Manager for DMC Health, and Allan Sneller, Vice Chair of SMIRA, for working together and enabling this statement to be released to address residents concerns and interests in such a timely manner.


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