Habib Tejan is a dedicated community leader and politician who has served as a Director at Chatham Maritime Trust and an elected member at Medway Council since 2015. He is a proven leader who has already made a significant impact during his time as a councillor, fighting for the needs of his constituents and delivering results. Habib has served two terms as Mayor of Medway (2019-2021) and is currently serves as Chairman of the Board at Kyndi and Vice Chairman of the Business Support Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Medway Council.

Habib has a strong track record of working collaboratively with other councillors and community leaders to address important issues facing River Ward including St Mary’s Island and the Chatham Maritime Estate. He is committed to improving the quality of life for his constituents, focusing on issues such as affordable housing, public transportation, and access to public services.

As a Councillor, Habib is well-respected for his passion and dedication to the people of St. Mary’s Island and the Chatham Maritime Estate. He has a keen understanding of the challenges facing the community and is committed to finding innovative solutions to address them. He is a skilled communicator and listener, always willing to hear the concerns of his constituents and work to find solutions that benefit everyone.

Outside of his political career, Habib Tejan has an accomplished work life. He has spent several years working in the private sector, including roles in finance and business management. He currently holds several directorship and chairmanship roles. Habib’s experience in the business world has given him a strong understanding of the importance of fiscal responsibility and efficient management practices, which he brings to his work as a councillor.

In addition, Habib is actively involved in several community organisations, including local charities. He is passionate about supporting those in need and empowering young people to achieve their full potential. Habib’s dedication to serving his community extends beyond his role as a councillor, and he is highly regarded by those who know him both personally and professionally.


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