St. Mary’s Island Parking Consultation – Open Forum – Friday 16th February from 6.30 pm

This takes place in the main hall at the Community Centre from 6.30 pm with a presentation and Q&A session from 7.30 pm onwards.

This meeting is co-hosted by SMIRA and Medway Council officials from the parking Design Team, together with a Parking Design Consultant.  It will launch the formal consultation process for the potential introduction of parking controls across St. Mary’s Island.

Parking is already an issue on some parts of the Island and with the final phase build-out, the opening of the assisted living homes and the expansion of the school this is only expected to get worse so it is important that all residents engage in the process.

The objective of meeting is to introduce the Consultation Methodology and to explain some of the options that the questionnaire will propose.

A few weeks after this meeting a questionnaire will be mailed to every household with a 21-day completion and return deadline.  Statutory emergency services will also be consulted.  Once the feedback has been analysed, Medway Council will decide which option, if any, to implement.  Residents are asked to respond to the questionnaire as comprehensively as possible as the consensus views will prevail.

Whatever the outcome, once implemented, it will be very difficult to in-do and probably at lease 5 years before the Council can afford to re-run this expensive exercise.

This is an opportunity to get involved and make your views known.

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