Ruth Du-Lieu, Assistant Director of Frontline Services at Medway Council, clarifies parking zone proposals

April 2018

Dear resident

Controlled Parking Zone proposals -St Mary’s Island

I wanted to take this opportunity to write to all residents and clarify the ongoing process to consider a controlled parking zone on St Mary’s Island. I have been made aware of a number of mixed messages on social media and unofficial letters circulating which is not helpful.

Firstly I would like to make it very clear that at this stage of the process, no decisions have been made about parking restrictions on St Mary’s Island. Controlled Parking Zones are only ever implemented if the majority of residents demonstrate that they are in support. If, after consultation, the majority who respond show they do not support parking restrictions the scheme will be halted and no further consideration will be given to dealing with parking issues.

Controlled Parking Zones are put in place to aid residents by controlling who is able to park in the area. There is a cost to residents i.e. the permit, but this cost is necessary to fund the enforcement and the administration. A controlled parking zone that isn’t enforced is simply not worth putting in as lines and signs alone will not deter the most determined of motorists. After all of the enforcement and administration costs have been met, any residual funds are invested back into the maintenance of the highway network.

• Annual resident permits cost £30.00 per permit and can be purchased by those residents that own vehicles that are registered with the DVLA at their address on the island.
• Visitor permits cost £2 per day and can be purchased by SMI residents.

Full details can be found here:

Following an initial survey of residents in 2016 and a follow up survey in 2017, it was identified that the majority of those who took part did feel that there was a parking problem and that it may be resolved using parking restrictions such as a Controlled Parking Zone. This was followed up with an exercise to design the scheme i.e. the layout.

The current stage of the process which we are working through, is to investigate options for operating the scheme. For example the hours to restrict parking , the roads if not all roads, the days of the week etc. Until we have looked at all possible options no formal proposal can or will be made to residents. However, once we have decided on what options can be offered, we will then write to each property and invite the household to respond giving their preference and saying if they support a Controlled Parking Zone or not. Results will then be analysed and if there is found to be a majority supporting a particular scheme it will then be implemented. Conversely, if the analysis shows that the majority of those households who respond do not support any options for a Controlled Parking Scheme no scheme will be progressed.

At this stage I am unable to confirm a timetable going forward. I am keen to conclude the process and will undertake to keep all residents informed by letter. If you have any queries please direct them to myself or your councillors who are working with the Council to resolve parking issues on the island for residents who requested a solution to be found.

Yours faithfully

Ruth Du-Lieu
Assistant Director Frontline Services
Medway Council

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