Medway Council suspends plans to consult on controlled parking zone

The following letter was issued by Ruth Du-Lieu, Assistant Director of Frontline Services at Medway Council on the 16th April 2018 and distributed to households on St. Mary’s Island:

“Dear Resident

Re:  Suspension of plans to consult on a controlled parking zone for St. Mary’s Island

Further to my letter dated april 2018, due to budgetary constraints in 2018/19, the Council has decided to suspend all further work on consultation for a controlled parking zone (CPZ).  Consultation and any resultant implementation would require a substantial investment by the Council.  Added to this the complexities of implementing a scheme where some roads are unadopted makes the progression of this scheme unviable.  It has therefore been removed from the programme until further notice.

I appreciate this will be disappointing news for those residents who highlighted and supported the need for parking restrictions.  The decision will not preclude reviewing specific areas that are experiencing difficulties on the Island and which may benefit from restricting parking at certain times, i.e.  placement of single or double yellow lines as appropriate.

Please note no further communications will be issued on this subject an no further requests for resident permit parking schemes will be considered in the foreseeable future.

Kind regards

Ruth du-Lieu

Assistant Director of Frontline Services at Medway Council”

Telephone:  01634 333333


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