Risk of Flooding

Living or working on an island or close to a river can naturally make you more concerned about the risk of flooding but you can rest assured that the current risk to Chatham Maritime and St Mary’s Island is very low.

In general, flood risks arise from extreme high tides, rivers that can’t cope with increases in water flowing through them and from localised excessive rainfall.

The flood protection levels that have been established across the Chatham Maritime estate are significantly higher than historic evidence suggests are needed and the situation is reviewed regularly.

There should be no difficulty with finding mortgage or insurance companies that are comfortable with the level of risk and the steps taken to manage this.

Please read our Flood Risk Report (June 2022)

Chatham Maritime Trust is not responsible for communicating issues about flood warnings; this is the role of the Environment Agency.

Environment Agency Hotline Number: 0800 807 060. 

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