Fees Payable to Chatham Maritime Trust

Chatham Maritime Trust charges fees for a variety of consents and certificates required under the terms of the St Mary’s Island Rentcharge Deeds.

  • Fees are payable with applications for certificates / consents, and are intended to cover the Trust’s costs in the administrative work required.
  • Fees should be paid by cheque made out to Chatham Maritime Trust or by card or Bacs
  • Fees quoted below are inclusive of VAT; a VAT invoice can be issued if required.

Certificates of Compliance

Certificates of Compliance are issued by the Trust upon any devolution (onward sale, re-mortgaging, and registerable sub-leasing) of a freehold title on St Mary’s Island. Certificates are needed to enable the new ownership / charge / sub-lease to be registered by the Land Registry. For more details see Buying & Selling.  New fees come into force effective 1st April 2022 as detailed below.

Fees payable

  • Certificates for charges and sub-leases (for which a new Deed of Covenant is not required) – £55.00
  • Certificates for onward property sales (where a new Deed of Covenant is required, and including set-up of new resident records and despatch of welcome information) – £100.00

Consent for Alterations etc.

Consents may be issued by the Trust for alterations and other changes controlled by restrictive covenants. For further information see Restrictive Covenants.

Fees payable (effective 1st April 2022):

  • For “major” approvals eg extensions, conservatories, loft conversions – £165.00
  • For “minor” approvals eg windows, outbuildings, greenhouses, sheds, pergolas  – £55.00
  • For “very minor” works eg doors, painting and aerials – £22   

Other Fees

  • Replacement copies of consents – £15.00
  • Copies of sale documents (inc. house site plans) or rentcharge deeds – £30.00
  • Copies of house site plans only (showing plot and fence maintenance responsibility) – £15.00
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