Litter Pick – Friday 2nd August

Living River Foundation, supported by Medway Council, MDL and Chatham Maritime Trust, will be holding another litter pick on Friday 2nd August at 9.30 am.  The meeting point is the Blue Crane.

Chatham Maritime Marina and their berth holders are clearing the marina on this date so an all out combined effort to clear the area.

Pickers are needed to collect the litter and surveyors to help record what is collected.  This time hard plastics will, be separated out, particularly HDPE (this is high density polyethylene used in the production of plastic bottled and corrosion-resistant piping).  It is hoped that this will be sent to be made into an exciting new addition to the marina to help collect the litter that accumulates there.

If you wish to join the clean-up then email ">.  If anything changes then Living River will be able to get in touch with you.

Participants should remember to wear suitable clothing for the weather and sunscreen/protection if needed as you will be outside for a couple of hours.

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