Chatham Maritime Food & Drink Festival

All being well the Chatham Maritime Food and Drink Festival will return on the 27th to 29th May 2023. To run this charitable community based event for all users of the Chatham Maritime estate, we are looking for local businesses that may be able to partner us in sponsorship of this event.

Partnering with us would be instrumental in funding the event that has a positive financial and cultural impact on the local area and would promote your brand as a benefactor to the community, contributing to creating an environment that is a desirable place to Work, Live, Study and Play.

We understand that funding after the pandemic and the current cost of living crisis may be difficult but feel that this charitable community based event is an opportunity for everyone to come together and enjoy a three day event with music, food, drink and watersports which includes the Dragon Boat Race event on the Sunday.

The event is under threat if we are unable to obtain sponsorship (as not for profit) which would mean cancelling thus missing the opportunity for the community to come together.  If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please click on the following link and the events team will be in contact.

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