Planning a Secure Future

Chatham Maritime Trust has a security contractor monitoring the cameras 24/7 but it is not responsible for private property on the Island.

Much has changed on the Chatham Maritime Estate since the first residents moved onto St. Mary’s Island back in the 1990s.  We are now approaching the final stages of the build and by 2019 we will have a ‘full-house’ of 1700 residences on the Island alone, together with, South of Basins – Medway University Campus, Medway Police Station, Dockside Outlet Centre and many other business, large and small.

Times, needs and technology have changed – all of which have led the Trust to conduct a thorough review of the security measures in place across the estate.

Happily we can report that Chatham Maritime is a very safe place to live and work – in 2012 the crime rate was 27% lower than the national average.  Nonetheless, as a result of this review we are looking to enhance and update the security and safety facilities.

The plan is to invest substantially in more CCTV cameras, particularly along the River Walk (including additional lighting) and to upgrade and renew existing cameras.  We also hope to make 16 selected cameras available for the public to view online for the first time*.  Cameras will be monitored 24/7 by specialist local contractors, Ward Security, who will respond on the ground within minutes when a problem is spotted.  To report any incidents please contact the control room on 01634 890292.

* Due to changes in Data Protection legislation the provision of cameras for public viewing has been delayed and the Trust is working on a solution. In the meantime, a number of new cameras have been installed to cover ‘hot spots’ and the matrix and service of the overall CCTV system has been updated for future-proofing.

Of course there will still be plenty of on the ground monitoring; Carl Davies is the Estates Officer with effect from September 2017; he will maintain a high visual presence across the estate.  Carl is familiar with the area as he has assisted with the Estate Officer role in the past so knows his way around!  He will be liaising with St. Mary’s Island residents  and South of Basin occupiers ensuring that estate regulations are being adhered to; he will also be supporting the estates team in the office.  The Trust also pays for full-time PCSO cover for the estate.  Our maintenance and cleansing contractors will be out there as usual, providing another visible presence on the ground and reporting any estate problems. Carl can be contacted on 07787 292088  during his core working hours which are 7 am to 4 pm.

We are confident that this plan provides an exceptional degree of surveillance of the estate.  Though immediate savings are only modest, the heavy investment in the CCTV network will make the service affordable into the future.

Effective November 2017, the new fully-funded PCSO for River Ward is PCSO 56208 Angela Saunders.  Angela can be reached via email:  .  Angela will be holding a Police Surgery on Friday 17th January 2020 at St. Mary’s Island Community Centre from 5 pm to 6 pm.  This is an opportunity for residents to discuss any issues or concerns that they may have in a 1-2-1 session.

  • Medway Council Frontline Services: 

Animal Wardens  (E:  )
Enforcement Wardens (E: )
Environmental Engagement Wards (E:  )
Waste Wardens  (E:  )

Medway Council’s winter service arrangements for footpath salting are detailed here.  Medway Council carries out winter service operations in accordance with their winter service plan and policy.  The Council will only treat footpaths after a snow event and when their Greenspace or Cleansing Teams are unable to carry out their normal duties due to snow.  Once this happens their crews become available to clear and treat footpaths on a priority basis starting with town centres and then moving onto local shopping centres, hospitals, medical centres and footbridges etc.

The Council does not carry out precautionary treatments to footpaths prior to snow or icy conditions which is in line with other Local authorities Adopted Winter Gritting Policies.  In most snow events they are unlikely to reach areas such as those on St. Mary’s Island before a thaw has taken place.

Medway Council do operate a Snow Warden scheme where people can sign up to become volunteers.  Wardens are provided with equipment and salt for use on agreed areas of public maintained footpaths.  There is currently one Snow Warden that covers the section of island Way East on the north side between the Stones roundabout and Woodrush Place.  If further volunteers can be found then the whole length could be treated.

Read more about the Snow Warden scheme.

Pedestrians should take care when frosty and icy conditions prevail.


Chatham Maritime Trust continues to receive complaints about parking on St. Mary’s Island.  We would like to remind residents that the roads on St. Mary’s Island are not and never have been  in the ownership of Chatham Maritime Trust.  The roads, until adopted by Medway Council, remain in the ownership of the developer, i.e. Countryside, Barratts and Redrow.  The main ring road, Island Way East and Island Way West, has already been adopted by the Council.  Chatham Maritime Trust has no jurisdiction over the roads and is therefore unable to assist with parking issues or complaints.

Only when the roads are transferred to Medway Council and adopted as public highway will Medway Council via bye-laws and traffic regulation orders have the authority to enforce parking restrictions.  The same applies to speeding on the Island.

Medway Council Parking Survey

In September 2016 Medway Council conducted a parking survey to all residents of St. Mary’s Island. The results of the parking survey were relayed by Ruth Du Lieu, Medway Council’s Assistant Director of Frontline Services, at SMIRA’s AGM which was held on the 2nd December 2016.

Following on from the above-mentioned survey Medway Council will be initiating a formal consultation process to determine the best form of parking controls on St. Mary’s Island.

We would ask all residents to consider their neighbours when parking.  Do not block driveways and junctions and do not park up on the pavement thus blocking access for those with prams and wheelchairs.

Update for 2018:

On Friday 16th February 2018 from 6.30 pm there is to be a parking consultation  open forum meeting at the Community Centre from 6.30 pm onwards with presentation and Q&A session from 7.30 pm onwards.  This will take place in the main hall.

This meeting is being co-hosted by SMIRA and Medway Council officials from the Parking Design Team, together with a Parking Design Consultant.  It will launch the formal consultation process for the potential introduction of parking controls across St. Mary’s Island.   Parking is already an issue in some places on the Island and with the final build-out, the opening of the assisted living homes and the expansion of the school problems are only going to get worse.  We would therefore encourage all residents to get involved and engage in the process.

The objective of the meeting is to introduce the Consultation Methodology and to explain some of the options that the questionnaire will propose.  Following the meeting every household will receive a questionnaire in the post with a 21-day completion and return deadline.  Statutory agencies, i.e. emergency services, will be consulted.  Following analysis of the feedback Medway Council will then decide which options, if any, to implement.

Whatever the outcome, once implemented, it will be very difficult to in-do and probably at least 5 years before Medway Council can afford to re-run this expensive exercise.

In April 2018 Medway Council confirmed that plans had been suspended to consult on a controlled parking zone on St. Mary’s Island.

Update for November 2019.  Medway Council have launched another consultation into proposed controlled parking Zones on St. Mary’s Island.  It is proposed that a new controlled parking zone is created to prioritise parking for residents.  All residents are encouraged to have their say; the deadline for the consultation closes on 23rd December 2019.  You can participate in the consultation via SMIRA’s website.

Medway Council responded in a letter to residents dated February 2020 as follows:

“Dear Resident

Controlled Parking Zone Proposals – St. Mary’s Island

As you are aware, residents of the St. Mary’s Island area  have recently been consulted on proposals for a controlled parking zone.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond.  We are now writing to inform you of the rsult of this consultation.

Of the 1,633 properties which were consulted, 46% responded.  Overall, 68% of respondents were against the introduction of a controlled parking zone and 32% were in favour.

Following discussion with your Ward Councillors, we’ve decided not to introduce a CPZ on the majority of roads, where most residents were not in favour of one.  However, there were a small number of roads which were in favour of a zone.  In these areas we will proceed with plans to install a zone.  These roads were:  The Crescent, Marine View, Haven Way, Pochard Close and The Pintails.  Residents of these will soon receive a letter with detailed proposals and formal consultation documents.

Residents from across the Island have asked us to install double yellow lines on junctions where parked vehicles cause a safety hazard.  We will be moving ahead to install these where needed.

If you would like to discuss anything you are unsure of, please contact Medway Council Parking Design team on 01634 334314 or email   Alternatively, speak to your Ward Councillors who are working to resolve the parking issues within your area.

Kind regards

Councillor Phil Firmer  / Portfolio Holder for Front Line Services

Ruth Du-Lieu / Assistant Director Frontline Services ”

Estate Regulations

The following Estate Regulations may be amended/or added to at the discretion of the Rentcharge Owner from time to time and are intended to promote the enjoyment and good management of the Estate.

  • Dogs should be kept on a lead at all times in the Amenity Areas and other public areas of the Estate (dogs are allowed off the lead in the dog run located at the top of the East Bund).

The following activities are prohibited:

  1. Horse riding on any part of the Estate
  2. The launching of boats, jet-skis and other similar water craft from the Estate into the River Medway
  3. The landing of aircraft and hot air balloons on any part of the Estate
  4. Fishing in the River Medway from the Estate and in the Dock Basins within the Estate
  5. Swimming from the foreshore within the Estate and in the Dock Basins
  6. The trapping or killing of wildlife on the Estate (save as part of a proper pest control operation)
  7. The flying of model aircraft and the sailing of model boats from the foreshore within the Estate and in the Dock Basins
  8. The lighting of fires and barbecues on the Amenity Areas
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