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View from the bridge chatham Maritime Trust

Chatham Maritime Trust is a unique organisation, set up to meet a special purpose

The Trust was formed in 1997 to take on the long-term management and maintenance responsibilities of the Chatham Maritime Estate, at the time one of the major urban regeneration sites in the country. Chatham Maritime Trust is a registered charity (no 1055710) and a company limited by guarantee. The Trust has four member organisations: Medway Council, HCA now known as Homes England and the Estate’s two occupier associations: St Mary’s Island Residents Association Ltd (residential) and South Maritime Residents Ltd (non-residential).

The member organisations each have rights of nomination for Trustee appointments (the HCA one and the others two each) and the Trustee Board typically also includes four or five “Independent Trustees” who are usually local professionals with relevant skills.

The Trust owns significant parts of the Chatham Maritime Estate, and acquires further sites as development completes. Eventually the Trust will own virtually all of the public domain of the Estate.

The Trust receives funding for maintenance of the Estate from three areas: South Maritime service charges, St Mary’s Island rentcharges and from the Trust’s own endowment funds. The maintenance expenditure at Chatham Maritime is in the order of a million pounds a year, and the Trust anticipates remaining as estate owner and manager at Chatham Maritime well into the 2100s.

Chatham Maritime Trust also plays a role in supporting the growing community at Chatham Maritime and community activities in the Medway Towns generally. The Trust does this through its Community Fund which it uses to promote events, and to sponsor or support community groups.

Welcome to the Chatham Maritime Trust

Andrew MacknessChatham Maritime: an exciting new place to live, work, study and play.

I would like to welcome you to Chatham Maritime Trust’s website that I hope you will find useful and informative.

In 1997 the charity was formed, acquiring a significant part of its diverse Estate from English Partnerships, who were responsible for regeneration of one of the country’s major urban regeneration sites, and in the South East’s largest Urban area outside London.

As an organisation we were charged with the responsibility for the long-term management and maintenance of the Chatham Maritime Estate as the body representing the wider interests of key stakeholders.

As a Trust board we are committed to ensuring the delivery of our five key strategic objectives that will contribute to ensuring Chatham Maritime continues to be a great place to live, work study and play within Medway.

The board will always aim to:

  • ensure the Estate is maintained to a high standard
  • deliver services that represent value for money
  • act as a key partner representing Chatham Maritime
  • engage with local communities
  • ensure that Chatham Maritime Trust is sustainable

It is a great privilege to lead an organisation which plays such an important role in the maintenance and ongoing development of such an important site within Medway.

I know you will agree that Chatham Maritime is and will continue to be a wonderful place where people are happy to live, work, study and play.

Andrew Mackness

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