SMI Plan

Responsibilities of Chatham Maritime Trust

The Trust’s responsibilities on St Mary’s Island include:

  • The Bridge
  • The Dock Basin Edges
  • The Flood Defence Wall (majority) - see our Flood Defence web page for more details
  • The Riverside Walk (majority)
  • The Parks (Finsborough Down, and the East & West Chains)
  • Tadpoles Play Area (Restharrow Way)
  • Shark Park (off Central Walk)
  • Star Fish (at the end of Bradfords Close)
  • The Millennium Sculpture
  • The Community Centre
  • Petanque Area
  • Finsborough Slip
  • Northern & Southern Bullnose and access
  • Blue Crane
  • Bellmast
  • The Lozenge (area outside Broadside House)
  • Medway Docks Access 
  • Walter Burke Way (off Leviathan Way & Western Avenue)
  • Verges around the main ring road - Island Way East and Island Way West

Roads & Verges

  • The Trust is not responsible for the Island roads which remain the responsibility of the relevant housebuilder pending adoption by Medway Council.  The main ring road (Island Way East and West) is now adopted so any issues with roads, footpaths and lighting should now be directed to Medway Council.  The adoption process for the secondary roads are underway.  The roads and pavements in Sectors 1 and 5 have now been adopted by Medway Council.  This includes: 
  • Sector 1:  The Crescent / Foxtail Close / Haven Way / Marine view / Meadowsweet View / Sandling Way / The Pintails / Pochard Close / the Whimbrells and Woodrush Place. 
  • Sector 5: Island Way East and Island Way West /  Bradfords close / Cheldoc Rise and Goldcrest Drive.  

Any issues with the roads and pavements (excludes landscaping) in the above-mentioned sectors should be reported to David Dodd at Medway Council on 01634 306000 or 07780 704199 or you can email  Faulty street lighting should be reported to Russell Taylor on 01634 331404 or email   

Effective 2nd September 2016 the maintenance responsibilities for Leviathan Way was transferred to Chatham Maritime Trust as was the landscaped verges around the ring road, Island Way East and Island Way West.  The Trust's contractor, Turfsoil Ltd, will be taking on the maintenance of these areas.  

It will take Turfsoil some months for the initial works to be completed along the ring road.  After that they can concentrate on additional planting and restructuring to improve the landscaped areas.     

Redrow are in discussion with the Medway Council regarding the adoption of their development (Sector 3).   

Turfsoil Through March and April Turfsoil completed the tree works on the East Bund to ensure that the roots do not penetrate the encapsulated bund.  The trees will be replaced with more suitable planting.  On the Central East Bund the hawthorn hedging has been reduced to reinstate the top of the French drain; gaps to be replanted.  At the Central lookout overgrown plants and weeds have been removed and will be replaced with more suitable colourful planting.  Work will  include fencing the area off to prevent access.   

The landscaping on St. Mary's Island is a key feature of what makes the Island a great place to live.  Spring has arrived; gardens and nature have sprung into life.      


Chatham Maritime Trust has introduced a biodiversity area on Finsborough Down on the eastern slope beyond the dog run up to the perimeter road.  The area will be left until September 2017 to determine whether or not this has been a success.   Native grassland plants have flourished which has attracted a diverse range of butterflies and moths including the Common Blue butterfly and Hummingbird Hawk Moths.    

The Trust's contractor, Turfsoil, has compiled a list of recommended planting for St. Mary's Island which residents may find helpful.  

Play Areas

  • Further play areas will be provided in Countryside's new development sector called Azure. There will be 3 main areas:  Neighbourhood Play Area, Local Play Area and Multi Games Equipped Area. 

Doctor’s Surgery

SMI School Primary School




Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on what the Chatham Maritime Trust is and does you can download our Frequently Asked Questions document (updated for 2016).

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