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Chatham Maritime Trust is the body responsible for many aspects of the management of the Chatham Maritime Estate, including St Mary's Island. Our intention is to make it pleasant a place as possible to live, work, study and play.

There is a wealth of information about the estate on this website - but if you have any questions please do get in contact with us at the Estate Office.

If you have moved, or are thinking of moving, to a house on St Mary’s Island, then there are some important things for you to be aware of as you start to change your new house to a home.

  • Chatham Maritime Trust should receive notification from your solicitor that you have moved in, and will send you a welcome letter through the post. The rentcharge for your property should have been paid up for the year (which runs to the end of March), so don’t worry if you haven’t received a rentcharge demand – we’ll get in touch when that’s due.
  • You may want to make alterations to your property. Please be aware that there are Restrictive Covenants which control, among other things, extensions, alterations, and outbuildings, and it is important that you check what consent is required before you commit to any changes. In certain circumstances there may be a complete prohibition on some kinds of work.
  • It’s important to know that satellite dishes are not allowed on the Island in any place where they can be seen from the roads or public spaces. This is to maintain the appearance of the street scene, and cable (as well, of course, as Freeview) is available. Please don’t get caught out by this one!

Flats and maisonettes

Occupiers of flats and maisonettes on the Island are not directly governed by these restrictions, but the restrictions that do apply to the blocks of flats are probably reproduced in your lease terms. Please check this.

Occupiers of flats and maisonettes on the South Maritime Estate (Chatham Quays) are not under this regime, but you will have a different set of controls in your leases.

St Mary's Island Development

Most development on St Mary’s Island is carried out by Countryside Maritime Ltd (CML), a joint venture between Countryside Properties plc and South East England Development Agency.  The show house on Sector 13 is now open Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm.   

Some parts of the development have been carried out by:

  • Redrow Homes  (Restharrow Way, Willowherb Close, Sallow Close, Stonecrop Close, Wintergreen Close, and Dewberry Close)
  • Barratts Homes  (Goldcrest Drive, Bradfords Close, Cheldoc Rise, and adjacent parts of Island Way East)

All other properties were developed by CML.   

As at March 2017 the latest development news from the developer, Countryside. 

Countryside are due to commence work on the third phase of the remaining development land - Azure Dockside - week commencing 6th March 2017. 

This phase will consist of a total of 120 units (a mix of houses and apartments), a café, a nursery and a walkaway adjacent to the dry dock and marina.  The site is bounded by Samphire Way to the east, the marina to the south, the dry dock to the west and the Extra Care facility (66 "assisted living" units) and open space that they are currently building out at the Azure development to the north.  Works on this phase are expected to take up to 36 months to complete.  They will initially run in parallel with the works at Azure and the Extra Care facility, where work is programmed to complete on both of these phases by March 2018 or sooner. 

Countryside are committed to delivering the remaining phases of St. Mary's Island in order to bring about the completion of what is already a vibrant and sustainable community with minimal disruption to existing residents.  

Chatham Maritime Trust is not involved in any of the original construction of houses or flats on the Estate, and is unable to answer any enquiries about construction, original purchase, or snagging. Such enquiries should be directed to the original housebuilder, whose contact numbers can be found on the back page of the Maritime Messenger

Chatham Maritime Trust can offer guidance on rentcharge arrangements, and on matters such as rentcharges, alterations, restrictive covenants and onward sales for houses on St Mary’s Island. If you can't find the information you need on this website please do get in touch with the estate office.

At the end of November 2016 the foul pumping stations on St. Mary's Island transferred from the developer, Countryside Properties, to ownership of Southern Water.   This means that if there are any back-up problems they should reported directly to Southern Water on 0330 303 0368 (or via their  website with the relevant ID of the pumping station concerned.  The IDs are listed below:    

109095         Island Way West (by Sector 14, between Redshank road and Patridge Drive)

110630         Station B Island Way West (by Sectors 7/8 near Tappan Drive)

110631         Island Way East (by Sector 4 near Goldcrest Bus stop)   

Latest news from Countryside Maritime Ltd (as at June 2017):    

As part of the development of Sector 11 on St. Mary's Island, Countryside  Maritime Ltd is undertaking drainage connection works in the area of Samphire Way and the first part of Redshank Road near the junction with Samphire Way.  

These works are necessary in order to adjoin the new drainage currently being laid on site at Sector 11 to the existing, which runs along Samphire Way.  The works required will be split into 2 phases:  

  • Connection 1 - outside 13 Samphire Way.  These works will be undertaken first, and will commence on the 12th June.  
  • Connection 2 - outside 21 Samphire Way.   These works will commence on completion of works at connection 1.  

Due to the depths of the connections involved (3 metres) the works will entail road closures and diversions in the above-mentioned areas.  Traffic management plans (see below) will be put in place during the works for both connections.   Countryside anticipate that each closure will last for up to 4 weeks per connection, with works commencing at connection point 1 on the 12th June.  

The works have been planned so that access can be maintained to all properties (include driveways) whilst the connections are being made, with herras fencing erected to maintain a safe working area.  

The work will involve the use of plant and machinery during the site working hours, however, these traffic movements will not extend to general site traffic movements.  On completion of these works the site hoarding will be re-instated, until such time as Countryside begin the external works to and occupations of the houses that they are currently building (2-18 Samphire Way); located opposite the existing properties along Samphire Way.  This is currently programmed to be around September 2018.  At this point the area will be opened up for access for residential traffic only.  

Countryside have made every effort to ensure that these works have minimal disruption to the residents on the existing development and have written to residents affected.  Countryside have consulted with St. Mary's Island Residents Association, Chatham Maritime Trust and Medway Council to ensure that all the key stakeholders are agreeable with their approach and fully aware of what is required.  

Countryside are keen to ensure that if any issues arise during this period, they can be easily reported in order that prompt and appropriate action is taken.  To facilitate this Countryside have a dedicated site contact to which any issues or concerns should be reported: 

Phil Barret (Senior Project Manager) 01732 747010 

Diversion 1 for Connection 1

Diversion 2 for Connection 2 

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