Land Management for Chatham Maritime Trust

Chatham Maritime Trust has a security contractor monitoring the cameras 24/7 but it is not responsible for private property on the Island.

Planning a secure future

Much has changed on the Chatham Maritime Estate since the first residents moved onto St. Mary's Island back in the 1990s.  We are now approaching the final stages of the build and by 2019 we will have a 'full-house' of 1700 residences on the Island alone, together with, South of Basins - Medway University Campus, Medway Police Station, Dockside Outlet Centre and many other business, large and small.   

Times, needs and technology have changed - all of which have led the Trust to conduct a thorough review of the security measures in place across the estate. 

Happily we can report that Chatham Maritime is a very safe place to live and work - in 2012 the crime rate was 27% lower than the national average.  Nonetheless, as a result of this review we are looking to enhance and update the security and safety facilities.    

The plan is to invest substantially in more CCTV cameras, particularly along the River Walk (including additional lighting) and to upgrade and renew existing cameras.  We also hope to make 16 selected cameras available for the public to view online for the first time*.  Cameras will be monitored 24/7 by specialist local contractors, Ward Security, who will respond on the ground within minutes when a problem is spotted.  To report any incidents please contact the control room on 01634 890292.      

*  Due to changes in Data Protection legislation the provision of cameras for public viewing has been delayed and the Trust is working on a solution.   In the meantime, a number of new cameras have been installed to cover 'hot spots' and the matrix and service of the overall CCTV system has been updated for future-proofing.     

Of course there will still be plenty of on the ground monitoring; Grant Leathwhite is the new Estates Officer with effect from 1st April 2014; he will drive round the estate in the current badged vehicle, patrol the open spaces and footpaths daily and check the playgrounds and safety equipment.  Grant's core hours are 7 am to 4 pm.  A vehicle security patrol will  check the whole estate every evening and will lock the Community Centre when needed.  The Trust will also pay for a full-time PCSO cover for the estate which is likely to take effect June 2014; this is an increase from the half-time cover we have at present.  Our maintenance and cleansing contractors will be out there as usual, providing another visible presence on the ground and reporting any estate problems.  Grant can be contacted on 01634 793493 or on his mobile 07867 507187 during his working hours which are 7 am to 4 pm.   

We are confident that this plan provides an exceptional degree of surveillance of the estate.  Though immediate savings are only modest, the heavy investment in the CCTV network will make the service affordable into the future. 

Effective July 2017, the new fully-funded PCSO for River Ward is PCSO 58549 Chris Price.  

In a non-emergency situation residents should contact 101 or 999 for an emergency.  Alternatively there is a contact message system on the Kent Police website which residents can complete if they wish to email the PCSO to report any issues or ask for contact from them.  

Effective September 2016 River Ward has a new Council Community Warden - Chris Harrison. He can be contacted on 07984 917654 or by email:  Chris has worked for Medway Council for nearly nine years.  He originally started work covering Strood South,  Cuxton and Halling.  Prior to moving to River Ward he worked in Rochester South and Horsted.     

Medway Community Wardens are employed by Medway Council to work towards improving the quality of the local environment, through engagement, education and persuasion. They also deal with complaints relating to:   anti-social behaviour / abandoned vehicles / dog fouling / graffiti / skips - dangerous and illegal / scaffolding / stray and dangerous dogs / refuse put out early / carriageway obstructions / street cleansing issues and assisted collection referrals.    

Wardens are not a first response unit.  If you need urgent assistance and a crime is in progress then dial 999.  If not an emergency, then call the police on 101.    

Medway Council's winter service arrangements for footpath salting are detailed here.  Medway Council carries out winter service operations in accordance with their winter service plan and policy.  The Council will only treat footpaths after a snow event and when their Greenspace or Cleansing Teams are unable to carry out their normal duties due to snow.  Once this happens their crews become available to clear and treat footpaths on a priority basis starting with town centres and then moving onto local shopping centres, hospitals, medical centres and footbridges etc. 

The Council does not carry out precautionary treatments to footpaths prior to snow or icy conditions which is in line with other Local authorities Adopted Winter Gritting Policies.  In most snow events they are unlikely to reach areas such as those on St. Mary's Island before a thaw has taken place.    

Medway Council do operate a Snow Warden scheme where people can sign up to become volunteers.  Wardens are provided with equipment and salt for use on agreed areas of public maintained footpaths.  There is currently one Snow Warden that covers the section of island Way East on the north side between the Stones roundabout and Woodrush Place.  If further volunteers can be found then the whole length could be treated. Click here for further information regarding the Snow Warden scheme.  

Pedestrians should take care when frosty and icy conditions prevail.  

Parking.  Chatham Maritime Trust continues to receive complaints about parking on St. Mary's Island.  We would like to remind residents that the roads on St. Mary's Island are not and never have been  in the ownership of Chatham Maritime Trust.  The roads, until adopted by Medway Council, remain in the ownership of the developer, i.e. Countryside, Barratts and Redrow.  The main ring road, Island Way East and Island Way West, has already been adopted by the Council.  Chatham Maritime Trust has no jurisdiction over the roads and is therefore unable to assist with parking issues or complaints.  

Only when the roads are transferred to Medway Council and adopted as public highway will Medway Council via bye-laws and traffic regulation orders have the authority to enforce parking restrictions.  The same applies to speeding on the Island.  

In September 2016 Medway Council conducted a parking survey to all residents of St. Mary's Island. The results of the parking survey were relayed by Ruth Du Lieu, Medway Council's Assistant Director of Frontline Services, at SMIRA's AGM which was held on the 2nd December 2016.  

Following on from the above-mentioned survey Medway Council will be initiating a formal consultation process to determine the best form of parking controls on St. Mary's Island. 

We would ask all residents to consider their neighbours when parking.  Do not block driveways and junctions and do not park up on the pavement thus blocking access for those with prams and wheelchairs. 

Adoption by Medway Council

The roads and pavements in Sector 1 and Sector 5 have now been adopted by Medway Council. 

Sector 1 includes:  Foxtail Close / Haven Way / Marine View / Meadowsweet View / Sandling Way / The Pintails / Pochard Close / The Whimbrells / Woodrush Place.  

Sector 5 includes:  Island Way East and Island Way West / Bradfords Close / Cheldoc Rise / Goldcrest Drive.   

The next sectors to be adopted are:  Sectors 2 Samphire Way / Partridge Drive / Egret close / Woodlark Road and Redshank Road); Sector 4 ( Bittern Way / Dunlin Drive / Rivermead and Phalarope Way); Sector 6 (Ringlet Road / The Avenue and Apollo Way); Sector 12 (The Pinnacles).  These sectors should be adopted in 2017 with pre-adoption works carried out before Spring 2017. 

Please note that any issues with roads and pavements in these next sectors to be adopted should be reported to Medway Council - see below for contacts.  

Sectors 7,8,9 and 14 are likely to be adopted in 2018.  Once the roads have been adopted by Medway Council residents will be able to contact Traffic Management at the Council should they wish to introduce parking restrictions. 

Sectors 10, 11, 13, 15 and 16 which are currently under construction by Countryside will be adopted in a much quicker process.    

Highway Adoption Works - Roadway resurfacing - The Crescent, Redshank Road, Samphire Way, Woodlark Road, Partridge Drive, Egret Close, Dunlin Drive, Phalarope Way, Rivermead, Bittern Avenue, Apollo Way, The Avenue, Ringlet Road and The Pinnacles.     

Week commencing Monday 24th July 2017 Volker Highways Ltd, on behalf of Medway Council, will be undertaking repairs to the highway which will create some short term parking restrictions whilst the road is resurfaced.  These works will be carried out between 08.00 - 17.00 with an estimated duration of up to 10 days.  Please refer to on-street notice boards for specific dates.  Footway access will not be interrupted. 

Highway Adoption Works - Footway Works - Apollo Way, The Avenue, Ringlet Road and The Pinnacles

Week commencing 24th July 2017 Volker Highways Ltd, on behalf of Medway Council, will be undertaking repairs to the highway in the above-mentioned roads.  These works have an estimated duration of up to 30 days.  Please refer to on-street notice boards for specific dates.  Footway access will not be interrupted.  

Residents in the affected areas have been sent a letter giving details.  Volker Highways Ltd will endeavor to keep disruption to a minimum and apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Should you require any advice on the day of works, please ask one of our operatives to refer you to the on-site Supervisor - Simon Hawks who can be contacted on 07824 864368.  The address for correspondence ref these works is:  Volker Highways Ltd, Arnolde Close, Medway City Estate, Rochester, Kent ME2 4QW.  Their office is 01634 719860.  

Volker Highways Ltd have issued the following guidance notes:  

We strongly recommend that you follow the precautionary measures listed below:  

1.  Do not walk on the freshly laid material  because it may stick to your shoes and be transferred to carpets, wooden floors, paved driveways etc.  Please note that Volker Highways Ltd will not be held liable for any damage caused in this way as it is your responsibility to ensure that shoes are clean before entering your property.  

2.  Avoid driving across the fresh material e.g. to or from your driveway.  Not only would this damage the new surface, it may also cause damage to your tyres, paintwork or paved driveway.   

3.  Observe the traffic control measures that will be in place during the works.   

Any maintenance issues with the roads and pavements (excludes landscaping) in the above-mentioned sectors should be reported to Highways for the Highways Inspector to investigate.  The contact is Shahab Raza Email: 

Faulty street lighting should be reported to Russell Taylor on 01634 331404 or email   


A Secure Community


The following Estate Regulations may be amended/or added to at the discretion of the Rentcharge Owner from time to time and are intended to promote the enjoyment and good management of the Estate.

1. Dogs should be kept on a lead at all times in the Amenity Areas and other public areas of the Estate

The following activities are prohibited:

2. Horse riding on any part of the Estate
3. The launching of boats, jet-skis and other similar water craft from the Estate into the River Medway
4. The landing of aircraft and hot air balloons on any part of the Estate
5. Fishing in the River Medway from the Estate and in the Dock Basins within the Estate
6. Swimming from the foreshore within the Estate and in the Dock Basins
7. The trapping or killing of wildlife on the Estate (save as part of a proper pest control operation)
8. The flying of model aircraft and the sailing of model boats from the foreshore within the Estate and in the Dock Basins
9. The lighting of fires and barbecues on the Amenity Areas

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