Original post : 7 June 2017

Drainage connection works by Countryside Maritime Limited

As part of the development of Sector 11 on St. Mary's Island, Countryside  Maritime Ltd is undertaking drainage connection works in the area of Samphire Way and the first part of Redshank Road near the junction with Samphire Way.  

These works are necessary in order to adjoin the new drainage currently being laid on site at Sector 11 to the existing, which runs along Samphire Way.  The works required will be split into 2 phases:  

  • Connection 1 - outside 13 Samphire Way.  These works will be undertaken first, and will commence on the 12th June.  
  • Connection 2 - outside 21 Samphire Way.   These works will commence on completion of works at connection 1.  

Due to the depths of the connections involved (3 metres) the works will entail road closures and diversions in the above-mentioned areas.  Traffic management plans (see below) will be put in place during the works for both connections.   Countryside anticipate that each closure will last for up to 4 weeks per connection, with works commencing at connection point 1 on the 12th June.  

The works have been planned so that access can be maintained to all properties (include driveways) whilst the connections are being made, with herras fencing erected to maintain a safe working area.  

The work will involve the use of plant and machinery during the site working hours, however, these traffic movements will not extend to general site traffic movements.  On completion of these works the site hoarding will be re-instated, until such time as Countryside begin the external works to and occupations of the houses that they are currently building (2-18 Samphire Way); located opposite the existing properties along Samphire Way.  This is currently programmed to be around September 2018.  At this point the area will be opened up for access for residential traffic only.  

Countryside have made every effort to ensure that these works have minimal disruption to the residents on the existing development and have written to residents affected.  Countryside have consulted with St. Mary's Island Residents Association, Chatham Maritime Trust and Medway Council to ensure that all the key stakeholders are agreeable with their approach and fully aware of what is required.  

Countryside are keen to ensure that if any issues arise during this period, they can be easily reported in order that prompt and appropriate action is taken.  To facilitate this Countryside have a dedicated site contact to which any issues or concerns should be reported: 

Phil Barret (Senior Project Manager) 01732 747010 

Diversion 1 for Connection 1

Diversion 2 for Connection 2 





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