Original post : 19 May 2017

Environmental Issues - Flies

Over the last few years the Environment Agency has conducted fly surveys monitoring their population in a selection of properties on the Island. 

The surveys conducted over 2014 to 2016 revealed occasions where there have been issues with fly populations but in 2015 there was in fact an overall decrease in occurrences of fly populations.  DEFRA's guidance states that more than 50 flies caught in a 7 day period would indicate a significant problem. 

Whilst the monitoring over 3 years has not resulted in conclusive evidence that suggests that a statutory nuisance is being experienced, the Environment Agency will continue to monitor the situation and encourages residents  to contact them directly (please do not contact Chatham Maritime Trust nor SMIRA) should they experience significant issues with flies at their property.  Their incident hotline team is manned 24/7 and incidents should be reported on:  0800 807060.  



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