Original post : 11 May 2017

St. Mary's Island Footpath Works

Volker Highways Ltd, on behalf of Medway Council, will be carrying out footpath works in the following areas to bring the area up to an adoptable standard.  Work is due to start from Monday 22nd May and the roads affected are:  

The Crescent / Egret Close / Partridge Drive / Redshank Road / Samphire Way and Woodlark Road

The work will be undertaken during the hours 08.00 - 17.00 and should take approximately 17 days to complete.  Refer to on-street notices for specific dates.  

Should anyone seek advice on the day of works, please enquire with one of the Council's operatives who will refer you to the on-site Supervisor.  Footway access should not be interrupted and the Council will endeavor to keep disruption to a minimum.   

The Council will be sending a letter to the residents in the affected areas. 

It maybe obvious but please take the following precautionary measures: 

  • DO NOT walk on the freshly laid material because it may stick to your shoes and then be transferred to carpets, wooden floors, paved driveways etc.  Volker Highways Ltd WILL NOT be held liable for any damage caused in this way as it is your responsibility to ensure that shoes are clean before entering your property.  
  • AVOID driving across fresh material e.g. to or from your driveway.  Not only would this damage the new surface, it may also cause damage to your tyres, paintwork or paved driveway. 
  • OBSERVE the traffic control measures that will be in place during the works.  



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