Original post : 17 Jan 2017

A chance to have your say in shaping the future of Medway

Medway Council is preparing a new Local Plan that will guide the development of Medway to 2035.  Medway is one of the largest urban areas in the south east.  In 2015 the population had grown to 276,472 and this is projected to increase to 330,200 by 2035. The most important aspect of the Local Plan is making the most effective use of land to ensure we are able to provide the required new homes, jobs, services and roads, whilst protecting and enhancing the natural and historic environment. 

The Council is now consulting on the second formal stage of the Local Plan preparation.  The Development Options consultation document includes a draft vision and strategic objectives for the new Local Plan, options for growth and approaches to developing policies for the new plan. 

The Council is keen to hear from residents, businesses, organisations, community and interest groups to help formulate the plan.  The consultation period runs from Monday 16th January to Monday 6th March 2017.  Comments must be received by 5 pm on Monday 6th March 2017. 

The Development Options consultation document can be viewed online by clicking here.  Copies of the document are also available at the reception desk of the council offices at Gun Wharf, public libraries and community hubs across Medway.  Details of these locations and their opening hours can be found at www.medway.gov.uk.   

The council has organised a number of exhibitions where people can view information and potential options for Medway's development and speak to planning officers.  Details of the events are on the council's website

Your participation will help plan Medway's future. 


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