Original post : 22 Sep 2016

Medway Council's Parking Survey

Chatham Maritime Trust has been made aware that Medway Council has sent a parking survey to all residents on St. Mary's Island; the closing date is 5th October.  As at 22nd September the Council had received 214 responses and a full analysis will be made at the end of the consultation.    

With parking such a big issue across the Island we would encourage all residents to participate.     


Cars are frequently meeting HEAD ON in Restharrow Way opposite the Tadpoles Play Area because the road curves and vehicles parking along this stretch block the line of sight in BOTH directions. (Right where children and parents are crossing over) Most drivers duck into the parking area in front of the town houses to avoid a collision. You have to be alert and quick, and good luck won't last forever. An accident waiting to happen.

To add to the mix some vehicles are parking in the road immediately after the roundabout, making the above problem even worse and forcing drivers onto the wrong side of the road and through a completely blind gap. Madness.
Comment by Brian Pittwood - 29 Oct 2016 20:33
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