Original post : 9 Sep 2016

Lock it or lose it

Sometimes we all need reminding about vehicle security even though we may live in a relatively safe and how-crime environment. 

There has been a recent spate of vehicle crime in the area  and despite continuous warnings Island residents are leaving cars unlocked, possessions on display and bicycles untethered - an invitation to a potential thief.  The message is clear and simple - if you don't lock it you may lose it!    

Taking a few easy steps could prevent you being a target and the expense and inconvenience that comes from having your car broken into:

  • the most obvious, make sure your car is locked at all times
  • never leave possession in display - Sat Navs and loose change is an invite for opportunistic thieves
  • never the leave in the ignition or whilst the engine is running 
  • make sure motorbikes and bicycles are secured      


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