Original post : 14 Jul 2016

New car parking arrangements at Ship & Trades

From Wednesday 13th July Shepherd Neame introduced Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras in their car parking area with a parking limit of 2 hours. 

If you intend to stay for more than 2 hours then you need to register your number plate with a manager or receptionist who will add your car onto the system allowing a longer stay.  Hotel guests should register their cars at check-in and are allowed to come and go. 

If visitors do not follow this procedure or are not genuine customers of the Ship & Trades then CPM (the car parking enforcement company) will issue a parking charge.  This is different from a Penalty Notice and enforceable by law.  The charge is £100. 

From the point that the ticket is issued the Ship & Trades, Co-Op and Fish Bar have no part in the process.  If you are issued a ticket then you need to contact the number indicated on the car parking signage.   


I have also experienced the complete incompetency and the extremely rude telephone communications of the CPM Parking Company. I parked for roughly 2 minutes in the Ship and Trades car park on Sunday the 24th of September 2017 and received a letter today informing me that I was parked there for 3 and a half hours. Luckily for me I work on the Historic Dockyard and have proof of my vehicle both leaving and then reentering the site within a 6 minute gap around the time that they said I had initially parked. I also have proof from the building entry systems where I work. After speaking to a number of people (without mentioning company they work for), apparently this happens fairly frequently and its a failure of the Ship and Trades car park system. I was informed that if a vehicle is parked in front of the camera when you leave, the system fails as the camera does not register your vehicle leaving. So I would certainly suggest to anyone who has received a parking fine here to appeal because I have actual proof that the system does not work. I will also be taking this up with Medway Council, the Maritime Trust and the Outlet Centre who must surely licence this company at the Ship and Trades car park. They are an extremely unprofessional and an intimidating company, who should no longer manage this car park. Its disgusting to imagine how many people they charge without actual accurate evidence. They should be ashamed.
Comment by Charlie - 6 Oct 2017 17:02
On the 29th of September I received a letter for a parking charge claiming I was parked at an undisclosed location for approximately 4hours between the hours of 13.35 and 17.29, this is a gross error. I live nearby and an occasion use the gym in the area for a period of an hour at most I have never had reason to be parked anywhere in the area for nearly 4 hours. This I suspect is a mishap on your part as opposed to something untoward I would advise that you please review your information and rectify this error in due time.
I am also aware that this system seems not to be able to validate the exit times of customers from the car park as previous complaints on this matter have already been raised with CPN. I am a resident of St Mary’s Island and rarely have the need to be in the vicinity for even an hour especially when I have 2 parking bays and a double garage at my home.
What is Maritime trust doing about this and what have the ship and trades got to say about this as well.......
Comment by Ola Owolabi - 29 Sep 2017 23:58
I am also a victim of an extraordinarily level of incompetence by the CPM COMPANY. After 12 years of visiting the Ship and Trades regularly on a Saturday to pick up friends for a cruise from the marina and spending half an hour in the Pub for a pre departure drink I find myself issued with a Parking fine for a seven hour stay in the car park!!
I am looking forward to seeing this daft company in the Small Claims Court.
Comment by Dr Michael Jones - 8 Sep 2017 09:47
Received a notice from a debt collection agency through my door months after I had parked here. I intend to dispute the ticket but have today been followed and intimidated whilst driving my car with my baby inside. Told that he was going to seize my vehicle . Rang police and he drove off. If this is how your customers are treated you should be ashamed.
Comment by Angela Harvey - 3 May 2017 20:15
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