Original post : 14 Jul 2016

New car parking arrangements at Ship & Trades

From Wednesday 13th July Shepherd Neame introduced Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras in their car parking area with a parking limit of 2 hours. 

If you intend to stay for more than 2 hours then you need to register your number plate with a manager or receptionist who will add your car onto the system allowing a longer stay.  Hotel guests should register their cars at check-in and are allowed to come and go. 

If visitors do not follow this procedure or are not genuine customers of the Ship & Trades then CPM (the car parking enforcement company) will issue a parking charge.  This is different from a Penalty Notice and enforceable by law.  The charge is £100. 

From the point that the ticket is issued the Ship & Trades, Co-Op and Fish Bar have no part in the process.  If you are issued a ticket then you need to contact the number indicated on the car parking signage.   


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